Regardless of the outcome of the criminal prosecution, crime victims deserve justice and have a range of options in order to obtain justice. One important option is to file a civil lawsuit against the offender and other responsible parties. Unlike in the criminal justice process, civil lawsuits do not attempt to determine the offender’s guilt or innocence. Instead, the aim of a civil lawsuit is to ascertain whether the offender or a third party is civilly liable for the injuries sustained as a result of the crime. If the defendant is found to be liable, the court may order him or her to pay monetary damages to the victim.

With decades of experience representing crime victims, the attorneys of Juris Day will fight hard for the justice you deserve. For example, our attorneys have successfully recovered money damages for their crime victim clients in civil lawsuits against the Boy Scouts and some churches for allowing their leaders to prey on children. While money awarded can never fully compensate a crime victim for the trauma suffered or the loss of a loved one, it can be a valuable resource to help victims rebuild their lives.